Share the Beach

Share the Beach with Shorebirds

Do what your mom taught you. Share!

People love the beach, but these sandy playgrounds are not just ours. Many birds depend on them for their food, habitat, and nesting ground. That's why we need to share the beach.

Shorebirds like the Piping Plover lay their eggs directly on the sand, making their nests vulnerable to predators and human activities like walking and driving.

You don't have to give up your day at the beach to protect threatened shorebirds like the Piping Plover. By pledging to follow a few simple guidelines you can help Audubon protect shorebirds while soaking up some rays.

I pledge to share the beach with shorebirds by:

  • Staying away from areas where birds are nesting and carefully following any marked instructions;
  • Keeping my dog on a leash when I visit the beach;
  • Throwing my trash away in proper containers and leaving the beach as I've found it;
  • Sharing the Share the Beach Pledge with fellow beach goers.
Piping Plover

Photo by Shawn P. Carey

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