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In this issue: All things bird photography, from tips to inspiring slideshows.

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Audubon Newsletter

January 2014

Great Blue Heron | Michael Libbe

This Great Blue Heron won the grand prize. (Photo by Michael Libbe)

The Audubon Magazine Photo Award Winners

Nearly 900 photographers. Almost 6,000 images. The fifth annual photo awards is our best one yet. Picking the top shots was a real challenge, but we think you’ll agree that the winning shots are stunning. View Slideshow→

Northern Pygmy-owl | Paul Bannick

A winning shot of a Northern Pygmy-Owl from the 2011 Audubon Magazine Photo Awards. (Photo by Paul Bannick)

10 Tips for Taking Great Bird Photos

Birds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, they live in diverse habitats around the world, and their behavior is as varied as their appearance. This variety makes birds fascinating subjects. Yet their lively, often secretive natures make them challenging to photograph. Paul Bannick, a professional photographer and past Audubon Magazine Photo Awards winner, offers pointers to help you shoot these endlessly interesting animals. Read More→

Bald Eagle | Kyle Zeringue

Thanks for all you do to protect birds like this Bald Eagle. (Photo by Kyle Zeringue)

Thank You for Supporting Eagles

You spoke up when the government announced a new rule granting 30-year permits for the wind industry to harm or kill eagles. More than 27,000 of you contacted Interior Secretary Sally Jewel through our action center, asking her to reverse the decision. Audubon will continue to push for regulations that ensure wind farms and birds co-exist more peacefully. Click here to learn about our position on wind, and enjoy our eagle slideshow. We appreciate all you do for birds. View Slideshow→

Get Involved

Yellow-billed Cuckoo | Paul Schmitt, Flickr Creative Commons Northern Cardinal | Norm Townsend, Flickr Creative Commons

Yellow-billed Cuckoo. (Photo by Paul Schmitt/Flick Creative Commons)


Northern Cardinal. (Photo by Norm Townsend/Flickr Creative Commons)


Save Cuckoos

Protect the Yellow-billed Cuckoo from Extinction

Yellow-billed Cuckoos inhabit a fraction of their former range in the American West. Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service that you support its efforts to protect the western cuckoo population under the Endangered Species Act.

Take Action Now

Help Birds

New Year’s Resolutions for Birds

Birds are a source of joy and beauty, and the services they provide—from pest control to pollination—are priceless. We’d like to hear why you appreciate birds, and how you’re giving back to them. Share your New Year’s resolution for birds on our Facebook page. Visit our Facebook Page→

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