In this issue: How birds stay warm for winter, Snowy Owls invade, the 114th CBC and more.

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December 2013

Snowy Plover | Adams Serra

Adopt a Snowy Plover. (Photo by Adams Serra)

Fabulous Gifts for Bird Lovers

Where does the time go? If you’re still scrambling for a present for that bird lover on your list, check out our fantastic array of gifts. We have suggestions for books, optics, stocking stuffers and more. A selection from this list will delight any birder. Read More→

Snowy Owl | Brian Hansen

Snowy Owl. (Photo by Brian Hansen)

Snowy Owls Invade

They’re ba-aack. Last winter, Snowy Owls descended on the Lower 48 from the Arctic. Usually four years or so pass between these “irruptions,” but the majestic birds have returned this season. Avian expert Kenn Kaufman explains what drives the birds to head south for the winter, and highlights Snowy Owl hotspots and surprises. Hint: Bermuda shorts might be in order. Read More→

Pine Warbler | Megumi Aita

Unlike most warblers, Pine Warblers stay in the continental United States during the winter. (Photo by Megumi Aita)

How Do Birds Stay Warm in Winter?

When the weather outside is frightful, we stay inside, where it’s warm and cozy. But birds that overwinter in cold climes don’t have that option. Find out how they survive frigid conditions, and what you can do to help them make it through the winter. Read More→

Get Involved

Golden Eagle | Kim Taylor/Getty Images Historical CBC Participants | Video Still

Golden Eagle (Photo by Kim Taylor/Getty Images)


Participants taking part in the CBC decades ago. (Video Still)


Save Raptors

Urge Officials to Protect Eagles

Under a new rule the government will grant 30-year permits allowing the wind industry to harm or kill eagles. Wind farms and birds can co-exist more peacefully, but not if this rule stands. Tell Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to reverse the decision. If you've already taken action, urge your friends to speak up, too.

Take Action Now

Ready, Set, Go!

2013 Christmas Bird Count Begins

Talk about commitment. Chan Robbins has participated in the annual CBC since 1934. Yes, 1934. From December 14 through January 5 each year, tens of thousands of volunteers take part in this 114-year-old tradition. Check out this delightful video about one of the count’s most dedicated volunteers. Watch Video→

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