In this issue: Fall hawk watching, protecting California Condors, parahawking, and more.

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Audubon Newsletter

September 2013

Peregrine Falcon

A juvenile Peregrine Falcon turns in pursuit of prey. (Photo by Johann Schumacher)

Fall Hawk Watching

In this issue, we're spotlighting the world of raptors—falcons, hawks, eagles, and other birds of prey. As you read this, these rulers of the sky are on the move, and there's likely great raptor watching near your home. Check out Audubon's online Guide to Hawk Watching and discover 10 awesome places to catch one of nature's greatest spectacles. Read More→

California Condor

California Condor. (Photo by Joe Lewis, Flickr Creative Commons)

California Condor In the Crosshairs

California Condors narrowly escaped extinction, but their future remains uncertain. Since their population plummeted to only 22 birds three decades ago, their numbers have crept up to roughly 400 individuals today. But food poisoning threatens to undo the remarkable progress: Lead ammunition in carcasses is lethal to the ginormous carrion eaters. A proposed California law could be just what the doctor ordered to keep these iconic birds on the road to recovery. Read More→

Parahawking with Egyptian Vulture

Flying with an Egyptian Vulture. (Photo by Scott Mason, GoPro, Parahawking (

Soaring with Hawks

In the shadow of Nepal's ice-crowned Himalayas a new sport called parahawking has emerged. Conservationist Scott Mason has blended his two loves—falconry and paragliding—into an unforgettable experience. Gliding beside the birds is more than a thrill ride: Himalayan raptors are critically endangered, and Mason is opening people's eyes to the wonders of these great aerialists. With a U.S. operation in the works, soon you might not need a passport to fly with the hawks. Read More→

Get Involved

Osprey Bald Eagle

Osprey. (Photo by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)


Bald Eagle. (Photo by Stephen Oachs)


Protect Herring

Urge Officials to Safeguard Osprey Prey

Many birds along the Atlantic Coast, including Ospreys and Bald Eagles, rely on herring for food. But populations of the fish are at an all-time low due to overfishing. Tell the regional fisheries councils to restore this critical part of the food chain.

Take Action Now

Help Raptors!

Fall Campaign Highlights New Dangers

Raptors are the lions and tigers of the sky. But threats old and new are conspiring to plunge hawks, eagles, and other birds of prey into the danger zone. Please help keep these incredible birds soaring, now and in the future.


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