Audubon Wingspan: Pacific Flyway Edition
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Pacific Flyway Edition
Great Egret | Credit: Sergey Yeliseev/Flickr Creative Common
A Year for the Birds
It's been a terrific year for birds. We're thankful for 2012's giant strides, from advancing Gulf cleanup efforts to protecting the Arctic's largest bird nursery. Audubon's secret weapons have included persistence, focus, bipartisanship—and YOU. Read more in this post from David Yarnold, Audubon's president.

News from the Pacific Flyway
Swifts Put On a Show Throughout Pacific Flyway

Vaux's Swifts | Credit: Christine Barry  
Lots of birds head south for the winter, but none quite like the Vaux's Swifts, whose aerial displays in the fall cause a stir throughout the Pacific Flyway. Audubon is with them every step of the way, both to help the birds and to turn people on to the wonder of nature. Watch video.

Great Trails for a Thanksgiving Family Walk

Black Swift | Credit: Michael Lundgren 

The Stonehouse Loop walking trail at the Rheinstrom Hill Audubon Sanctuary and Center in Craryville, New York.

For many families, the post-Thanksgiving-feast walk is as much a treasured tradition as cranberry sauce and stuffing. Why not stretch your legs somewhere remarkable this year? Audubon magazine offers a list of 16 family-friendly hikes in various corners of the U.S. to help you burn calories and maybe add a bird or two to your life list. Even if you can’t embark on a major hike this weekend, enjoy some fresh air with your loved ones. And have a happy Thanksgiving. Read more.
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Audubon Holiday Gift Catalog | Credit: David Speiser

Adopt a Bird for a Loved One

Give that bird lover a gift that matters—adopt an Audubon bird for your special someone. Choose from the Spectacled Eider, the Burrowing Owl, or 14 others. Recipients will receive a stunning card, a year of Audubon magazine, and more.

Pacific Loon | Credit: Morro Bay Winter Loon Study/Flickr Creative Commons

Save America's Greatest Arctic Wetland

Nearly 100 bird species depend on the vast Western Arctic Reserve, including Peregrine Falcons, Pacific Loons, Arctic Terns, and Gyrfalcons. We have the greatest opportunity in decades to safeguard this vital habitat. Act now.

Photos: Northern Cardinal - Karen Bacon; Red-necked Phalarope - USFWS;